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A collection of 5 short plays of mystery and imagination.


Seven tales of mystery, fantasy, and science fiction are combined into a program to be staged or read. Contents:
The Detained; The Skull; The Cemetery; A Convocation of Spiders; I Have Knife, I Must Kill; The Fetch; & The Shrine at the Edge of Forever. Meet an inter-dimensional being, a Voodoo spirit, a virtual ghost, a group of telepathic arachnids, a cursed artifact, bones with psychic messages, and a community that finds suicide holy.

Theatre of the weird

A celestial committee of Eternals, overseeing the progress of humankind on Earth, must decide whether or not to let it continue to evolve, or destroy it due to its corrupting influences, with a giant meteor sent from the farthest reachest of the solar system.

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