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Image by Patrick Fore

About Ron HS Schaefer

Portfolio Ron S 2022-1.png

Ron is the founder, owner, and President of Solar Wind Media Group, a non-profit arts and arts education organization, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with an opening branch in New York City. Ron is a an author, filmmaker, photographer, producer, and composer, and began his company as Solar Wind Films in 2000. he group has since expanded to include events, such as, the Spirit Arts Festival, and the Space Symposium. 

The newest division, SW-Worldwide, creates a link between SWM and other theater and performing groups around the country and overseas. All information is gathered into SWM’s magazine: Nimbus Arts & Sciences, which Ron publishes and is the head writer and chief editor. Ron has written a half dozen books, nearly a hundred scripts for himself and others, and directed and produced nearly 3 dozen films and television shows.

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