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Plays 1: THE EARLY DRAMAS of Ron
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Schaefer's Five Earliest Dramas of imagination, wonder, heart, and mystery gleaned from the author's first works.

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Five plays from the early theatrical files of Ron HS Schaefer --
SADNESS - 3 social runaways look to escape to Mexico together
THE PRIEST & THE WHORE - a priest tries to help a runaway prostitute across the American border from her captors.
AMANUENSIS - a ghost writer is hired to write a fake autobiography of a NY cabbie.
THE EVER DARKENING NIGHT - a local born self-proclaimed militia group and gun club decides that the government is spying on them, and they proceed to hold up in their fortress preparing for the federals to attack.
THE HUNTER & THE HUNTED - group of urban born deer hunters head to the woods to bag a trophy and accidentally shoot a farmer's dog instead, with the farmer deciding to take revenge in his own hands.

Plays 2
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The Comedy Plays of Ron HS Schaefer from the earliest phase of his career.

Plays 3
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4 plays, 4 stories set in the backwaters of war-torn regions and occupied countries in the lead up to, and including, the Second World War.

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